Our Core Values

What are the things that are most important to us?

Our desire is to be the Church that represents Jesus well.  We are called to loving and leading all people to take next steps of faith with Jesus. To do that we focus on these six core values.

Challenging Bible centered TEACHING that prompts individual Bible study.

Learning about God and how our lives fit into His plan helps us live the best life possible.  We study the Bible and try to understand how to follow the teachings of Jesus. We listen to sermons and attend life groups.

Engaging WORSHIP gatherings that help people honor God in daily life.

Gathering together to give God the honor He deserves positions us to understand that God is still at work in our world today.  We worship because He is worth all of our adoration.  When we leave, we continue the pattern of honoring God with daily living.

Courageously SHARING God’s story with humility and respect.

Sharing God’s plan for everyone, pointing people to their God given reason for existence.  We invite people to worship, we talk about Jesus, we reach out to people who are different from us, and we care about others who don’t know Jesus.

Sacrificially SERVING with God to build His Kingdom.

Placing a high priority on the needs of others, we commit our time and resources to help people. We work for the good of God’s kingdom using the gifts, talents, experiences and abilities that have been given to us. 

Authentic PRAYER that realigns us with God’s plan.

Talking with God regularly and asking him to lead us and help us know Him more fully. We ask God to do what we can’t, and to help us see life through his eyes.  We ask God to give strength and wisdom to do His work.

Compassionate COMMUNITY where everyone is welcome.

Experiencing life together as the God’s growing family.   We focus on our common faith and honor God who brings people together in spite of our differences.  We believe that Jesus is for all people.  We get to know each other, understanding our struggles and difficulties. We commit ourselves to helping and supporting one another.