Taking Next Steps

Celebrate. Connect. Contribute.

We are here to help you take a step of faith with Jesus. It’s what following Jesus is all about, just walking with Him one step at a time!

In every faith walk there are three key relationships that help you develop a growing relationship with Jesus:


We gather every weekend to celebrate what God is doing as we yield our lives more fully to Him.


We build relationships with others and experience biblical community through small groups.


We commit to further the Jesus Mission in our communities and in the world.

Every month we provide opportunities to hear about the steps that bring us further along on our walk with God….

Step 1 Newcomer Coffee

If you’re new, or even if you’re not, we gather in the COFFEE COMMONS area on the first Sunday of the month.  It’s informal in nature, and you’ll hear more about the church, what we believe, who we are, and what we are doing here. 

It’s open to everyone, and we meet from 10:15-10:45. Childcare is provided and the coffee is always hot.


Step 2 Meet Some Friends

On the second Sunday of the month we focus on some basics in how to connect with God individually and as a part of group. We spend some time just getting to know one another.  We talk about growth principals and highlight different group study options that are available. This is open to everyone, at 10:15-10:45.

Step 3 Join a Team

The third Sunday of the month is when we talk about all of the ways that you can help.  It’s all about finding the place where PASSION, BURDEN, and ABILITIES meet. We help you discover places to serve so that you can experience the joy of helping God continue to grow His kingdom.  You’ll hear about service teams that you can join and find places to plug in.  This is open to everyone, at 10:15-10:45.


Step 4 All In

If you have questions about what it takes to follow Jesus, you’ll want to be a part of this study time.  We highlight the steps to placing faith in Jesus, and what life looks like moving forward. We offer this on the fourth Sunday of each month from 10:15-10:45 in our COFFEE COMMONS.