Rev. Derry Gibson

Derry Gibson was born many years ago in the great state of Missouri. He left the family farm in Higginsville when he graduated from high school and went off to college in Joplin, MO at Ozark Christian College where he earned his Bachelor of Theology degree with a major in Missions.

In college he met the love of his life, Kelly Wilkinson. After they were married they have enjoyed many journeys and adventures together like living in Glasgow, Scotland; the Chicagoland area; Colorado Springs. After marriage Kelly completed her Family and Consumer Science Bachelor degree from Olivet Nazarene University and Derry accomplished his Masters degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, IL.

However, the greatest adventure they have been on together is the journey of raising children. Curby, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland; Ciara, who was born in Kankakee, IL; and Cheyenne, who was born in Colorado Springs, CO have been the greatest blessing of their journey together.

Their greatest hobby is to travel and take trips together and with their children. But their greatest calling is to journey with Jesus every day of life and their greatest desire is to take as many people to heaven with them on the journey of life.

Let’s walk with Jesus together on the journey of life.